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How It Works:


1. Design

Work with our Graphic Designers to identify and design the items you would like to offer in your store such as tshirts/other screen printed apparel, hats, polos, decals yard signs and more! 


2. Determine The Price

Once your design has been finalized, your Graphic Designer will help you decide on a price point for your items based on the cost of the item and how much you would like to make per item. Example: Your items cost is $15 and you would
like to make $5 per item, then we would price your items at $20 a piece.


3. Choose Your Dates

Determine what day you would like your orders to be ready. Once we know what day you want items ready by, we can help you decide on an order deadline. The order deadline is typically about 2 weeks prior to the date you want the orders ready to pick up or ship.


4. Share!

Once you approve your online store, we will send you the link and now its time to spread the word! Share on Facebook, Instagram, through emails, or even word of mouth! If you want to promote your online store at an event, we can even give you a QR Code for people to scan!

5. Close Your Store

When we reach the fundraiser deadline, we will close  the online store and move into the production phase. We will also give you the chance to order extra items for your organization if you are interested! Once we have all the information of what people ordered, then we get to work ordering whatever supplies we need to produce your order.
Note: You must reach a 24 item minimum for each design in order for your store to go into production. If 24 items are not ordered in each design, we do give your organization the opportunity to order the extra pieces needed to meet the minimum. You will also have the option to extend the deadline or cancel and refund all the orders.

6. Fulfillment

About 2 weeks after your online store closes, your items are fulfilled, sorted, and distributed by us! We have a designated area in our store for online orders  so that you don’t have to worry about storing or distributing orders. We even offer shipping directly from our store!

Benefits Of Online Stores:

No Inventory To Track

Sell your designs without having to worry about purchasing merchandise up front or figuring out where to  store it all. We produce only what's ordered and store it for you.

Ships Straight From Store

You don't have to worry about labeling or shipping items, because we do it for you! We even send them a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number. 

Products For Everybody

We offer your design in multiple styles
of garments for different preferences
and different budgets.

Options For Your Profits

Once your online store is completed you have several options on how to use your funds. We will calculate the total funds raised and you can either use it as a credit towards future orders, or we can send you a check with your earnings! (Must be a nonprofit organization.)

Need an example? 
Check out our

Want to set up an online store?

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