Why we love what we do

As all great stories do, this one starts with a couple of guys

Scott Hiler and Colby Shawn started Ink’N’Stitch in the Winter of 2004. The company started in Scott’s garage with used equipment, no other employees and most importantly – no customers. But Scott and Colby did have a plan and a strong desire to provide excellent customer service and high quality products. And with that . . . Ink’N’Stitch was born!

Scott and Colby were part of a team that provided radio coverage for High School football in Wise County (the now defunct Friday Night Fever, RIP). The two had recently gone through the process of purchasing custom screen printed t-shirts to promote the radio program, and were discussing the screen printing process as they understood it - and the fact that none of the companies that they worked with possessed both strong customer service and competitive pricing. In a very “put your money where you mouth is” type of conversation, the two made the decision right there to start their own screen printing company focused on those two traits – strong customer service and competitive pricing.

Ink’N’Stitch found its humble beginnings in the 20×20 garage of Scott’s house and survived an immediate trip to St. Louis to buy the first screen printing press (which was never actually used and would almost immediately be sold to some guy in the Dominican Republic, but I digress). In late 2006, we moved out of the garage and into two large buildings in Bridgeport, TX. In early 2007, we added our automatic screen printing press which expanded our capabilities even further. Always providing both screen printing and embroidery, Ink’N’Stitch added Signs and Promotional Products to their arsenal in late 2007.

In January of 2010, Ink’N’Stitch established it’s first retail presence, opening a storefront in Downtown Bridgeport on Halsell Street. With the new location came some new products and services included FedEx shipping, Copy/Fax, Paper Printing and more. The store brought a fresh new shopping option to Wise County with apparel for each of the school districts in the county and got some free pub thanks to the Chupacabra of Runaway Bay!