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what's going on at Ink'N'Stitch

New website...round 7.

Here we are again...going through the process of starting a new website. I think this is our 7th website since Ink'N'Stitch was born back in my garage in Decatur, TX.

The good news is that the process seems to get easier every time.

Back in 2004, we had to buy a HTML book and learn some coding basics in order to have an online presence. I wish I had a screen shot of that first site. I'm pretty sure that it was one page with our name, our bag phone numbers and our email address...and maybe a picture of Colby making magic on our old press. It was simple, but we were proud of it - WE WERE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!

Different renditions since then have gotten a little more complex with each pass. We've had sites with blogs, sites with online shopping, a designer where customers could create their own artwork and we may have even had a site that included a live webcam feed of Colby's pet goats. Whatever the case, our website had always been something that we have had fun with.

Now, we make the move from Wordpress to Squarespace...just as Colby starts to become a Wordpress wizard. Nothing against Wordpress, just seemed like a good move and's another fun challenge.

As for the contents of the site, we're going back to the basics with some fun stuff as well. The emergence of social media has definitely lessened the need of a complex website...I mean, who needs a blog when the whole world has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and MySpace.

Whatever...bottom line is that if you are looking for information from us and it's not on this site, it's not doing its job and we want to make it don't be a stranger and let us know.

Scott Hiler